Updates from our home in the jungle!

A Miraculous Article ( miraculous because Roy wrote it!)

Well, I thought that I should take a little time and record some of my initial thoughts after arriving here at Lay Klo Yaw School in Thailand. This school is located on the Thailand/Burma border, surrounded by beautiful mountains with a river meandering between. It is a very lovely spot. Paul and Lena Adams are…read more.

Great Spider Advice

This is some good advice that I just got from Ben. I thought that I would share it with you just in case you have the same problems that I do! So, for those of you that have wrong thinking patterns like I do, we can all work on this together! So, here it goes….…read more.


I am not sure of where to start this morning. Lots of little things happen here that I want to tell you about, but when I sit down to write I can’t remember what they were! I guess I can start with the spider episode. Yesterday Roy was not feeling well. I think that his…read more.

Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday was thanksgiving, but I must say it was the warmest Thanksgiving that I remember! To celebrate, Wendy made us a pumpkin pie! She made it from scratch, and it took her most of the day, but I can guarantee that it was bigger than you would expect. It was at least one foot wide,…read more.

The Floor Pour

Today was an amazing day! Today was the day designated to pour the floor for the studio. The requirements were that we pour a floor that would be completely smooth so as to be able to roll camera tripod thingys across it without bumping. We were to accomplish this with a bunch of inexperienced high…read more.


As I write, I am sitting in a hammock, swinging gently in the breeze from the open windows. There are geckos lurking in the corners, and huge spiders just waiting to jump out at me. Above me are open rafters, covered in old spider webs, and the rough wooden walls are also dirty with many…read more.

The Trip There is not a whole lot that I want to say about the trip itself. It was very long, very cramped, and very boring. We did not get window seats, and those that did have window seats closed their windows, so we could not see out at all. That part was pretty disappointing.…read more.

On The Way

Today was the first day of our journey. We didn’t get very far! We started out by closing up the house, getting everything under cover to keep the snow from crushing things, and taking our cars to a lower elevation so that they will not get squished also. Now we are in Spokane, staying at a…read more.

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. We are leaving for S.E. Asia on November 16th.  Right now, we are in the process of packing, getting our house ready to leave all winter, finding babysitters for my plants, and setting up my blog. There is a lot to think of when leaving home for an extended period of time!…read more.