Great Spider Advice

This is some good advice that I just got from Ben. I thought that I would share it with you just in case you have the same problems that I do! So, for those of you that have wrong thinking patterns like I do, we can all work on this together! So, here it goes…. next time you see a spider, THINK FOOD!

“Remember mom, if you want to reach people with the gospel, you have to think
like them. Without understanding their culture, you can never understand
them. So, that means that you need to stop being afraid of creepy crawlies.
In fact, instead of thinking of them as creepy crawlies, you need to think
of them as food that hasn’t been cooked yet! (That doesn’t mean joining them
in eating creepy crawlies, that just means understanding them and looking at
it from their perspective)”

Got it everyone? Don’t scream, don’t run away, just get out the frying pan. Oh wait, he said that we don’t have to actually eat it, just think of it as uncooked food. Stop laughing! I am in earnest about this. I am going to be over here for a while, and it is a necessity to learn to think right!