The House

For the past few months, we have been building like crazy, trying to get our new house finished before rainy season started. Well, rainy season did start, and the house is to the point where we can call it good enough for now. It is dry, and comfortable, and nearly finished!

When I look back, it does seem like a miracle to me that we were able to do it so quickly, with so little money. We didn’t have much money, so the entire house was done the hard way…going to the river to get the supplies that we need, like sand, gravel, and rock. But, our hard, cheap way is beautiful. The whole house cost us a lot less than I could have ever imagined it would.

What is even more beautiful to me is the growth that I have seen in the children. They have learned many new skills, and are so excited to live in a “real” home for the first time in their lives. They have happily done everything that needed to be done, working together for a common goal. When anyone asks them who built the house, they can say “we did!”