When God Has Other Plans


When we first lost our school, I found myself sinking into depression. I felt cast aside and useless. I could not understand why we had to lose everything right when things were going so incredibly well. Our students were excitedly learning about God, and we had so many things that we wanted to teach them. But I could also clearly see that God was still with us, guiding and directing us, and providing for every need. It is sometimes easy to intellectually know that God is leading, but very hard to convince your heart of that fact.

One morning, while I was pouring out my woes to God, I asked him what we are supposed to be doing now. Very clearly, he told me to do the work that lies nearest. I looked down, and there was Destiny, sweetly sleeping beside me. I suddenly realized that God loved my little girls so much that if all I did was teach and train them for Him, I would still be doing missionary work. I contemplated that for a while, then decided that if God had given me only five people to care for, then they must be extra special and need a lot of care!

So the last few months have been an incredible time of learning, studying and growing. I spend all my time with my girls, teaching, training, observing, and praying over them. God has shown me so much about them and their needs. At the same time, I am learning so much more that I didn’t know about training children for heaven.

When Sarah came to visit one time, she gave me a set of DVDs that I can highly recommend to anyone. It is called “The Classroom of the Remnant”, by Joshua White. This, along with lots of bible study with Jason and Shoshana, has given me a new enthusiasm for child training. There just is no other line of work that has such far reaching results as raising a child for Jesus.

We also have the privileged of having Rebecca and James with us. Both of these young people plan to be missionaries, so they are here for training, language and cultural learning, and practical mission skills experience. We love young people, so we are having lots of fun with them also. It is wonderful to see young people who are actively working for God at such a young age.

I now realize that God needs people who will be willing to be putty in Gods hands, to do anything, large or small, that He asks us to do. Missionary work does not always consist of big, important sounding things. Sometimes real missionary work is simply holding a child, and listening while they pour out their troubles to you. So as we see time coming swiftly to a close, let’s covenant to be or do whatever God asks us to do, so that many others will be ready to meet Jesus when he comes.