Leroy Returns to Thailand

I arrived in Chiang Mai with Becky on Wednesday. We were really glad to see Jonathan Hill at the airport waiting for us. He had arraigned for us to travel on the 4:00 pm. bus to Mae Sariang. Jason met us at the bus stop and took us to Hoy Tee Chaw. It was so good to be home.

On Thursday I learned that Travis would be arriving before the weekend. I picked him up and brought him home also. Travis wanted to pick up the supplies that had been pilling up for him here. Our truck is in the shop being fixed. It is at least 2 months from completion, so on Sunday we were trying to figure out how to accomplish that. Monday morning we learned that Rodney was on his way to bring Travis a partial truck load of supplies. We asked Rodney if he would be able to take us down south. He took us all the way down to where the supplies could be transported into the school. I then spent about a week there at the school. It was of course vacation time and almost all of the students had gone home. I am very pleased with the progress of the education and buildings. The school building is largely completed. The teachers are doing well and are in good spirits.

I was eager to get started on my teaching again, so I left in time to arrive home for the weekend. On Sunday, I delivered a set of Bible Story books to the SDA Mae Sariang church. The pastor was gone until Thursday, so I just left them there. The students are still on vacation. After shopping, I came home to get ready to teach in the camp.

Monday, I left at the usual time. Since it it cold season the roads are dry and traveling is much faster. When I arrived there Thra Kochue was gone, so I asked Thra YoPoe if I should begin teaching. He said that Tuesday morning would be fine. I spent the rest of the day visiting and delivering Bible Story books. I put one set in the KAA library, then I took a set to the Junior College. The Junior College principal told me that I would be teaching 3 classes on Wednesday. I was teaching 5 classes last time. I began to wonder about the change and felt a bit down. A little later I was speaking with one of the administrators of JC and mentioned to him that I would only be teaching 3 classes. I told him I wasn’t sure what I would do with my extra time.

I then visited Saw Jane who asked me if I would stay in his house. I agreed. His house is on Main Street and he has arranged for me to teach in the evenings also. He told me one of the teachers and her son from the Baptist Bible College on the hill will be attending. He also said that the Roman Catholic priest and his family will also attend. Saw Janes wife is Roman Catholic and he wants her to be converted to SDA. I think that God is about to do marvelous things. On top of all this I have many young children that are learning to pronounce “NOSE” …ect. It looks as if a beginners class and an advanced class is in order. A theology class might develop as well.

Tuesday, I taught at Karen Adventist Academy and the day went very well. It is good to see their progress. Thra Kochue told me how pleased the students are with my teaching. It is very encouraging to hear reports like that. Every class begins and ends with prayer and the content is Bible Stories. I know that they understand that their teacher (me) really believes what he teaches.

Wednesday, I taught at JC. The principal had a list of 5 classes for me to teach. One class I taught twice in order to make 5 class sessions. They only have four different classes, because since I was here one class completed their course. I learned from talking to the principal that they had another foreigner English teacher since I was here before. His style of teaching I was told is to lower himself to the level of the students and play foolish games with them. This was how they explained it to me. He apparently has visa problems so after a few weeks he left. Thank God for visa problems! I had to smile a little. I think we might get to see a contest between serious Bible teaching and foolish game teaching. I believe that Gods ways are best and they will prevail.

I am so thankful for the sets of Bible story books that were provided by God’s people in America. I have placed four sets now and I will take a set to the camp to be in Saw Janes house for me to use in teaching from there. There is a chance that one will migrate up the hill to the Bible College. I believe that I have one more set in reserve at home. I will use My Bible Friends, Bible Story or the Conflict Series depending on the level of my students. I also am so thankful for the ten Fountain View DVD’s that were donated. I think that I can use them from Saw Jane’s home in the near future. I wish that I had the talent to sing like that in this situation.

I didn’t take any pictures because it gives the wrong flavor, but every time I went by the library at KAA there were students sitting on the floor going through the Bible books looking at the pictures. I didn’t see any teachers looking at them, because I think that they are shy. They will check them out when I am gone. They know enough English that they will be able to read and understand. I was quite amused because the novels and the evolution books were on the shelf and the students were searching the Bible Stories.

Well, that should be enough for this week. My plate is rather full.