Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday was thanksgiving, but I must say it was the warmest Thanksgiving that I remember! To celebrate, Wendy made us a pumpkin pie! She made it from scratch, and it took her most of the day, but I can guarantee that it was bigger than you would expect. It was at least one foot wide, and two feet long! And, it was really, really good! She made two pies actually, one for me and one for everyone else. Mine was not nearly as big, but that was ok with me since she made mine with coconut rice crust, which was really tasty. The guys ate almost the entire pie, there was just enough left for breakfast.
Andrew and I went shopping for Thanksgiving also. I needed to get more of those good rice cakes for breakfasts, and I also got all the stuff that Ben needed, and I was also working on the stuff that Gayle needed. We went to the pharmacy, and I have never seen anything like it! You walk in and every kind of prescription medicine you can imagine is on shelves all around you. You can get anything you want. The only hard part is asking for it! Andrew and I wanted to buy suture kits for Gayle, and so we tried to tell them what we wanted….they looked at us blankly. So, we tried to demonstrate sewing skin together….they gave us tape! So, then Andrew pointed to the seam on his shirt, then pointed to his arm. They finally got it! We were all so excited! Then, we had to ask for scalpels. Same thing all over again, we tried to get them to understand, and they just kept grabbing the wrong things. So, I finally remembered that Andrew had a pocket knife in his pocket, so we showed them that, and then they understood. We felt very accomplished when we finally left that store with the things that we needed!
The rest of Thanksgiving day, I sat in the hammock with my feet as high as possible. I don’t know why exactly, but my feet had swollen up just huge. So, I drank lots of water, and kept my feet up. I guess everyone needs a rest once in a while. I had plenty of time to be very thankful for such a nice, comfortable hammock!