The Floor Pour

Today was an amazing day! Today was the day designated to pour the floor for the studio. The requirements were that we pour a floor that would be completely smooth so as to be able to roll camera tripod thingys across it without bumping. We were to accomplish this with a bunch of inexperienced high school students, in hot humid weather, with only a cement mixer and a bunch of wheelbarrows. Some of us also had rubber boots, but most only had flip flops to wear, some went barefoot. The rubber gloves that were bought for this grand occasion did not even hold out the water, let alone concrete! The floor is at least 50 feet long, and maybe 30-40 feet wide. ( you contractors out there should be groaning about now) So, Roy spent the last couple of days designing a power screet using scrap metal, and pulleys, and an old power tool of some kind was mounted on it to do the shaking. To tell you the truth, even I thought that it would be nearly impossible, and I am usually pretty optimistic. Early this morning I started praying for all kinds of help and good character traits for my family and all those involved. The kids that are here had not impressed me as being hard workers……until today. Roy calculated it all out, and found that we would have to mix one mixer load every four minutes in order to get the job done in one day. Then, those with wheelbarrows would have to be able to carry all that mud to the floor and deposit it there. Next the power screet guys would have to get the cement where it was needed, use the screet and trowel behind the screet to get it as even as possible. Well, we not only did it, but we did it after having to replace the engine in the mixer first thing this morning, and then fix it again an hour or so later. It got dark before it was finished, so they had to string up lights so that we could work. There were several girls who pushed those wheelbarrows all day long right along with the guys. Did I mention that it was the hottest day I have seen here? This evening, it took on a party atmosphere, with the students coming in to cheer on each person pushing a wheelbarrow. There must have been around 50 people working hard all day long. This evening the cook loaded our entire supper onto the back of a flatbed truck and drove it over to the work site so that we would not have to quit working. Then, we ate in shifts. Right now, there are about 6 people working on finishing . They are having a really hard time because the bugs are attracted to the lights, and are flocking to our nice new floor in droves. So, it will be a smooth, but somewhat buggy floor! Oh well, I guess that is what we should expect in Asia! Even in the states, with power equipment made for the job, real trowels, cement trucks, and all the fixings, this still would have been a really big job. I am so thankful that I got to be a part of this. I think that working for the Lord, as a team with others, is the most fun you can possibly have in this world.