Updates from our home in the jungle!

The Baby

I actually got a good nights sleep last night! This morning, Gayle came over to our house for breakfast, and while we were sitting there talking she mentioned that she needs to spend more time with her boys, so we worked out a deal that she would take the morning clinic and I would take…read more.

The Picture Problem

Natalie recently told me in an email that some of you would like to see pictures on my site. So to make you feel better, I thought that I would let you know that I would like to see pictures on my site also! I have actually mentioned that I would love to have pictures…read more.

LKY School

Today I thought that I would try to describe LKY School to you better. The only problem is that a picture is worth a whole lot more than I could write. But, I am going to attempt to describe it anyway. Hopefully I can get pictures also. LKY school is situated below the road. The…read more.

Home again

It is so good to be home! We like to travel, but it seems like such a relief to be home again, treating patients all the time, playing with the kids…. Last night we went to the children’s worship at the school. It was the first time I had made it down there since I…read more.

An Eventful Week

We finally landed safely at Chiang Mai Adventist Academy yesterday. We are staying in a kind of guest quarters here on Pastor Phamor’s property. It is really nice, with hot showers in one of the bathrooms, and even a real washing machine! Last night we went to the Christmas program that the academy kids put…read more.

Lao Part 2

I don’t want to leave you with the impression that we are not enjoying our trip to Lao….well maybe I do! As I was typing that last sentence, they just turned rock music way up here in the Internet place! It was nice and peaceful before. Oh well. We are learning to tune things out…read more.

Lao Trip (updated)

Can you believe that it is already time for us to get our visa’s renewed? It is, so on Monday we hopped on the not-quite-reliable truck, and headed for Chiang Mai. On the way there, we decided to head for Lao right away so that Travis would get back in time to do part of…read more.

Lay Klo Yaw

It is really exciting to finally be at Lay Klo Yaw. For several years now I have been hearing about it, and praying for it, and wanting to see it, and now we finally are here. The school is a lot different than what I expected. From the pictures you might think that it is…read more.


Hi Everyone, Please don’t stop checking up on us. I have been sick, and am finding it very hard to find time to write! I couldn’t come to town while I was sick, and then I got really busy with numberless patients. But, I am working on getting more organized so that I can talk…read more.