A Miraculous Article ( miraculous because Roy wrote it!)

Well, I thought that I should take a little time and record some of my initial thoughts after arriving here at Lay Klo Yaw School in Thailand.
This school is located on the Thailand/Burma border, surrounded by beautiful mountains with a river meandering between. It is a very lovely spot.
Paul and Lena Adams are doing a wonderful job providing an education, and medical help for the students and village dwellers.
There are a few things that I have to comment on concerning the driving habits over here.
Our Taxi driver from Seim Reap Cambodia to the Thailand border was quite a driver. He must have thought that we were very important people and in a terrible hurry. Going 110 in a 40 kilometer per hour zone seemed very appropriate to him. Having a Thailand vehicle in Cambodia the driver thought it necessary to drive in the center of the road to better see passing opportunities ahead. ( Thai cars have the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car, Cambodian cars are normal) The no honking signs seemed to inspire a barrage of incessant honking. He seemed to think that anyone in earshot of his horn needed to be beeped at. There was no lack of people to honk at on the road. Bicycles and motorbikes, tuktuks and tractors, trailers that look like they are being pulled by a troy built minus the tines, clutter the road and shoulder. They seemed to mostly go the right way on the road although not always. On the shoulder, driving either direction seemed to be permitted. Of course when you throw in pedestrians and cars and VIP’s in the middle of the road, transportation becomes a very exciting ordeal!
From the Thailand/Cambodia border we took a bus to Bangkok which seemed less eventful. By beholding it is amazing how fast we are changed! I am so amazed how close a large bus can get to the other vehicle without rearranging the front of the bus or the rear of the vehicle.
Taking the overnight bus from Bangkok to May Sot we were able to get a little rest. Climbing some very high mountains in the early hours proved interesting. Our bus went around many a blind corner on the wrong side of the road. No need to slow down for a large truck if there is a little unused pavement on the road!
Well, we arrived safely about 1:30 p.m. on Friday at this beautiful place in the mountains. I believe there are lots of spiritual lessons that we could learn from our traveling excursions.
I saw a lot of police, but they seemed to do nothing about clear violations. A stop sign here clearly does not mean stop. To have many rules but never expecting people to obey them is disastrous for any society. In a family it is very harmful. In the church this philosophy does untold harm. It appears that unless it is actively combated it will work its way into the church.