Water System for T.E.A.M.S.

“Hey what are you doing here? Are you buying that big roll of pipe?”  Was the question that was put to me as I was standing in the hardware store. Then I recognized who it was that was asking me. Oh…the headman of Sallawat with a truck! That’s when the events of the morning finally made sense.

Leaving the school after the sun was up because of the cold I headed for town to purchase some water pipe to put a water system in so that we can put in gardens. As I headed down the road something urged me to keep going… don’t rest and go fast! Why? I have all day don’t I? Then as I got out on the pavement once again something seemed to say “You haven’t checked Three Pagodas for pipe”. Well…I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to go and check,  so I turned the bike that way and went. All the way I was thinking, “this is just the wrong way , I never buy my things there!” And anyway I don’t hardly have any money on me, so I’ll need an ATM first.

Then as I was standing there looking at the pipe is when the headman addressed me. In a moment he was loading up a roll of pipe into the back of the truck and was off! But what was amazing to me was that the money that I had was exactly enough to pay for it. With nothing left in my pocket I headed back to Sangklahburi, praising God for helping me to get the pipe there. Now some of you might think this was a small thing,  but few know the road that it has to be brought up!

Latter that day after finishing everything I had to do I headed up with the rest of the pipe needed. with about three hundred plus meters of pipe on the bike. I was so thankful to God for impressing me to go to Three Pagodas first. With the extra two hundred meters, I couldn’t have done it without the truck.
Now why am I getting all of this? Well this last Sunday,  a new volunteer,  Francis,  came here to help. He is trying to get the gardens going and needed a water system so that he could do it. It is exciting to me to have for the first time someone here to help! Even for us it’s a lot of work but we can accomplish so much more.

By the way,  around the middle to the end of February, we are going to have a evangelism campaign. Please pray for us that we will be ready for this event and be a living example. And that God would give us the strength to accomplish what needs to be done before  then.

God bless

*T.E.A.M.S. stands for Travis’ English And Missionary School.