Thoughts (by Andrew)

Just an update on what’s happening here in Cambodia.
The water has gone down and there is less rain than before, but still we have the problem that the lake is full and we still have water coming down the river from China to add to the water that we already have.
The high water that we’ve had in the past months, has caused difficulties for people who live in the low-lying areas to be sure, but at the same time things are certainly green around here! In a town south of here where one of our students lives, you can look in one direction as far as you can see and there is nothing but water, and when you turn around the view is the same. That particular student will have to use a boat to get to his house or swim as the water is over head deep around there.

God has placed things of beauty even among scenes of chaos, and roses among the thorns. Everywhere that we look we can see God’s love and His care if we really want to. God has a plan in all of this and we know that His plan includes the saving of as many of His children as possible, the question for us then is will we join Him in this work of soul saving, or will we leave that blessing for others who will?