Things that you are not likely to see in America

(I was hoping to get pictures of most of this, but my camera does not seem to always be poised and ready when the opportunity presents itself. So, you will have to try to picture this. You wouldn’t believe how hard of a time Andrew and I had in writing this…everything seems normal to us now.)

1. Ladies, dressed in long flowing silk dresses, holding a parasol in one hand, and driving their motor bike with the other.

2. Five or six people, two pigs, and a few chickens riding a single motor bike.

3. Picture this…you are driving down the road on your motor bike on a blazingly hot day. A pickup truck passes you and in the back of the truck, you can’t help but notice two men leaning against the back of the cab. They are dressed in black long sleeve shirts and pants, with black ski masks which cover everything but their eyes, and beside each man is casually propped an AK47. Maybe they were going out to do a bit of hunting? Or was the bank their next target????

4. Discarded snake skins hanging above your bed in the morning. How long does it take a snake to shed its skin anyway?

5. Kids eating green mango with salt and chilies. (OK, so this one is not so strange since we found that it is actually pretty good)

6. A bamboo bridge going across a raging torrent of a river…suspended by a single strand of tie wire.

7. Little children throwing ice on the floor in order to break it, then picking up the pieces and eating them…parents looking on and thinking “what a smart child!”

8. Highway workers sweeping the main highway with homemade brooms.

9. Bamboo used instead of rebar in cement highways.

10. This one probably doesn’t need any comment…

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  1. Re: the last picture. . .

    I can’t help but smile. . . Only in Asia. 😀

    I haven’t figured out why people need TV. . . Just come to Thailand. We have plenty of things to smile about.

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