The Witch Doctor

“Mommy, there is a strange man outside”, one of the girls whispered to me. By strange, I thought that she meant someone we had not met before, but I was quite mistaken. When I finally went and peered over the edge of the classroom, I was met by a very unusual sight.

A man sat on a post down below me. On the back of his head was a mass of gold Christmas tinsel, colorful feathers adorned the sides of his head, and the front of his long hair was held in place by a multitude of large, women’s hair clips of various colors. He was chanting something, and looking around with interest at all the activity. He did not appear to be drunk, or on drugs. He had a degree of intelligence to his face, although we all thought that a person in their right mind would NOT look like he did! In his hands he held a bag full of many kinds of devil charms. He had an aura of evil about him, and the children naturally shied away from him.

He stayed, watching the activities for quite some time, then got up and left as abruptly as he had come. But, after leaving our front yard, he went to the corner of our property and went through some kind of little ceremony, using his devil charms, singing, dancing and chanting. Millissa figured that he was putting a curse on us or something.

I have often read about witch doctors in the old mission books, but I never expected to see one in this day and age. It reminded me of just how far we are from actually finishing the work that God has given us to do.

How would you like to be that man? What if you never knew the love that God has for you personally, and all you did know was demons and trying to please them? Would you want someone to come and tell you about the God who loves you? The God who has power over the demons? I know that I would.

Somehow, when I saw that man, I was reminded of the demoniacs in Jesus’ day. That man is bound, and maybe he would like to be free. I ask you to join me in praying for our witch doctor. Pray that he would be open to hearing the truth, so that the truth can set him free.