Leroy Returns to Thailand

I arrived in Chiang Mai with Becky on Wednesday. We were really glad to see Jonathan Hill at the airport waiting for us. He had arraigned for us to travel on the 4:00 pm. bus to Mae Sariang. Jason met us at the bus stop and took us to Hoy Tee Chaw. It was so…read more.

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New Opportunities

Since moving up to the mountain, we have often wondered just what it is that God had in mind for us to do. Our first year was filled to the brim with building our home, and planting gardens and clearing the land. But, our contact with the villagers was not what we wanted it to…read more.

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The Accident

Since most of my family is in America right now, the little girls and I have had quite the time getting to town to do our shopping. Our first trip with the truck went pretty well, until we came out of a store and tried to drive away. Instead of starting the way a truck…read more.

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The House

For the past few months, we have been building like crazy, trying to get our new house finished before rainy season started. Well, rainy season did start, and the house is to the point where we can call it good enough for now. It is dry, and comfortable, and nearly finished! When I look back,…read more.

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Someone is Watching

No man is an island. We have all heard those words, but do we really understand how true they are? The first time this was illustrated to me was when I was a young mother, with four little boys to take care of. We lived in a remote area where I did not see other…read more.

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Building Project

It started out innocently enough. I needed to choose a site for our new house. After surveying the area, I chose a nice location to one side of our garden area. It was covered with tall bushes, so I could not see the lay of the land, but it looked pretty level, and I figured…read more.

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When God Has Other Plans

When we first lost our school, I found myself sinking into depression. I felt cast aside and useless. I could not understand why we had to lose everything right when things were going so incredibly well. Our students were excitedly learning about God, and we had so many things that we wanted to teach them.…read more.

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Cold Season

It sure is cold! We got fed up with being so cold today, so we set out to do something about it. Jason put up a short wall all the way across the living room, then he built a whole wall beside the hammocks so that the hammock corner would be warmer, and the low…read more.

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Abundant Clean Water

When we first moved here, probably the most distressing thing to me was the water. After living down by the river, with three wonderful creeks at our disposal, not to mention all the springs pouring out of the side of our mountain, to have less than ideal water was a real disappointment. Not only was…read more.

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Getting Settled

The other day we were sitting on my bed in my brand new room, and it occurred to us that we have been racing top speed for 3 months now. That is a long time to be unsettled and working so hard…and those three months just happen to be hot season. We are all worn…read more.

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