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It seems that our hot season school is nearly over for the year. Many of the short term students are preparing to leave, and more long term students will be arriving soon. It has been a very blessed time. I always find it so amazing when the students report that family worship morning and evening…read more.

Rolling in Blessings

Last week Roy had to once again go and hunt for teachers for Travis’ school. Then Jason had to leave to take care of gathering up all the students, and Sarah was delayed on her visa run, so I was left at home to take care of all the current students and the little girls.…read more.

Money Tree

*Mark was what we would term a heathen man, with a criminal background. One day, a preacher came to his village and told him about the great God of heaven. Mark accepted what he heard and was baptized. Mark and the preacher decided to start a school, so they built a little bamboo building and…read more.

Worry is Blind

We have been working so hard, first getting ready for students, and then teaching and taking care of little ones who are always upset by changes in their schedule. This morning I was really fighting discouragement. Roy took off this morning to go and get emails for Sarah, so I asked him to check my…read more.

On the Home Front

Things are getting exciting around our place. While Roy is helping Travis down at GWM, we are all getting ready for students at our place. I had mentioned to Jason and Roy that I thought that 30 students should be the maximum number that we can accept. I like small classes where we can really…read more.

Good -vs- Evil, by Roy

Well, I am tired after spending the night in a bus station and now am looking forward to a day in another bus station. I am so thankful for the stories in the Bible of those that went before us and fought in the battle of the Great Controversy. After a great victory Elijah fled…read more.

Update from Travis

 I thought I would give just a little update on what is going on in my little corner of the mission field. I came back down to the school a bit discouraged after visiting my parents place. Things just weren’t going as they should have been at the school before I left. But when I…read more.

Our Greatest Need

This last weekend, Jason went to another village to visit. He does this each weekend…chooses a place that needs spiritual help, and goes and spends time with the people. He often is asked to preach.  But, Jason’s biggest problem is that he is only one person. The needs are huge, and choosing a location to…read more.

The Vacation English/Bible School

Cold rain poured from the sky as wet, bedraggled students made their way down the path towards the house. They looked anxiously at us, wondering what we would be like, while we looked anxiously at them, wondering what they would be like! One thing was for sure; they really wanted to be here or they…read more.


I began early in the morning on a long three-day journey. I remembered my coat this time because it is a brisk morning of about the mid 60 degrees. First the usual  one hour boat ride then a 6 hour motorbike ride to retrieve items for Ben. Second a nine hour bike ride to deliver…read more.