A City Under Water (by Andrew)

This afternoon one of the other volunteers and I needed to go to town to do some printing, which is normally quite a boring thing to do. . . Well, not today! We went by the normal route towards town and quickly discovered that in fact this was anything but a boring thing to do! While we were still maybe one or two km from town we found that there was quite a little water on the road, in fact there were kids swimming in the middle of the road! When we reached the university which is about 1km from the center of town the people there told me that the water was very deep ahead and that I would be unable to get through, so I turned around and went on one of the higher roads to the other side of town where there was not so much water. Once on the other side of town my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try to go back on the road where I had been told it was impossible to get through. As I drove down that road I couldn’t help but see the flooded homes and shops of so many poor people who have nowhere to go during the flooding. The road was full of pot holes and the water was very brown and dirty, with all kinds of things just floating around town, and whenever a truck would drive by it would leave a wake behind it that threatened to swamp our poor little scooter. We made it home safely, but I kept thinking about those people and their plight; their homes under water and their difficulty selling things, or for that matter buying things to feed their families. I would like to ask all of you to join me in praying for these people, that God will place His hand of protection over them and provide for their families during this rainy season, and that somehow He would use this time of difficulty to bring some closer to Him.

Thoughts (by Andrew)

As I stepped across the border into Cambodia I breathed a sigh of relief, I was home again… Although my trip to Thailand to visit my family this last month has been really enjoyable, there is still just something about being able to understand what is going on around you that makes you long for home after you’ve been away for awhile. After the two hour trip up to Siem Reap I settled back into my house and began to think. . . about my trip. . . about what my whole purpose for being here. . . What am I really doing here? What have I accomplished in the time I’ve spent in Asia? What is God asking me to do for Him this year? All of these questions rolled through my mind, some of them easy to answer and others a bit more difficult. What am I doing here? Well I am teaching young people about Math and Geography; but most importantly I’m teaching them about God, a God who is interested in them as an individual; which is very different to what Buddhism teaches. What have I accomplished in my time here? Well that one is a bit harder, because when you are in the middle of a task like this, it really is hard to step back and be able to see the whole picture. Some times as missionaries we expect people just to come running up to us and start asking us about what we believe or something, but unfortunately it’s not that easy, it’s actually very discouraging work when you work for months and at the end you still don’t see any fruit ( I am not saying that there are no conversions here, I am just saying it’s not as easy as we sometimes expect it to be).  The last question that keeps coming back to me time and time again is; What is God asking me to do for Him this year? Again this question was very difficult for me to answer. . . It seems that right now God is asking me just to keep teaching for Him and to strive to be “faithful in that which is least”, and to leave the oversight of the garden to the heavenly Gardener.

Please join me in praying for all of God’s ambassadors around the World who are doing their best for Him. And also please pray about where He would have you serve Him, for ”the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

Trust God (By Andrew)

Finally things are seeming to reach a lull, with no more funerals to attend and the next wedding at least 3 weeks in the future. As I sit back and reflect on what God has been doing in our lives, and how He provides for us each and every day, I can’t help but be amazed. This month we have built two new staff houses, we’ve begun building trusses for the new technical training workshop where we will be teaching auto/motorcycle mechanics, and we have begun replacing the dorm roof which was becoming unsafe. Every time that there is a need we have but to take it to God and He meets it, and while He does that, He ensures that there is no way that we as missionaries can claim credit for it.

As we are reaching the end of the school year it is a temptation to become overly worried and anxious about the lack of teachers for next year, but this morning God gave me another opportunity to learn to trust him more. When I opened my Bible this morning it opened to the 4th chapter of Philippians and I read verse 19 which says: “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (emphasis supplied).  That text immediately reminded me that God has everything under control, and He knows already what we need and He is already at work to provide the needed volunteers. At the same time though I must remember that I also have a work to do, as is stated in Matt 9:38 “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.” Please join me in praying, so that we can finish this work and go home.

Pictures from Cambodia

It seems that it might be time to post some more pictures of Cambodia.

One of our new volunteers houses.
Our new kitchen set in the studio. (testing out some new lighting ideas)
The kitchen set from the center camera's perspective. (or close to where the camera will be)
Finally we are replacing the dorm roof which was looking like it would fall in any minute.
One of our truss builders.
Wendys Home Economics class learning how to cook.

My “Uneventful” week (by Andrew)

I heard voices, faintly at first but they gradually grew louder and louder until I recognized that they were the voices of my students. . . Oh my! Where on earth was I? And why did I feel so much like vomiting again? And while I’m asking questions why in the world was I now on the back of a motorbike racing down the road? This was crazy! And those voices, they were starting to make sense, a few minutes before I had been whittling on a piece of wood when. . . OUCH!!! My knife slipped, and instantly my hand began squirting blood all over myself. Now I am not afraid of blood so I just simply chuckled at the kids who were there, put my hand up in the air and nodded my head when they urgently and forcefully suggested that I go to see Wendy and have her “fix” it! So I walked to the front of the house where the motorbike was and was about to get on when. . . “Oh my! I think I need to sit down!” I started to sit when, everything went black! After our wild ride to the church to find Wendy where she was holding a baptismal class, I sat on the bench outside while one of the kids ran inside to get Wendy, as I sat there I thought “this is really weird, this is a small cut and it doesn’t even hurt that much, so why am I feeling so nauseous?” At this point Tim pulled up in the pickup and saw what was going on, so he got me in and we went over to the clinic where he cleaned it up and sent me back home. That afternoon I decided to check my blood pressure just for fun, and because I still wasn’t feeling well, it was sky high! This was really weird, I was really wondering what was going on. So that was Sabbath, and on Tuesday I was feeling worse so I went to talk to Wendy and after I told her my symptoms she was like Oh that sounds like. . . After I found out what it was and started taking the meds for it, it went away within a day! And now I feel perfectly fine. So much for an uneventful week!