Author: Missionary Mom

Tractor Miracle

Today the girls, along with Mikey and I, decided to go and weed the peanut field, which is on the other side of Jason’s house, next to the road. The weeds were taller than the peanuts, so it was about time to get that job done. While we were diligently pulling weeds, we saw Jason,…read more.

Back From America

I just spent nearly three months in America, caring for my mother’s during her recent health crisis. It was an amazing trip, with many blessings. I was able to have plenty of time for rest and study, and also to attend camp meeting for the first time in a long time. I believe that God…read more.

Grandma Rachel and the Fish Hook Hand

One day, a little old Grandma came to our clinic. She was having a hard time walking because her knees hurt, her back hurt, and her wrist had a big, lime sized tumor on it. She told me that she had been to the hospital lots of times, but could not get any relief from…read more.


The other day the kids wanted to go up in the mountains north of us for a Christmas/New Years celebration, so we got in the truck and headed off down the road. In the next village over more people climbed on and we continued on a ways farther when suddenly I realized that the steering…read more.

Faith, Hope, Courage!

On Thursday, after waiting most of the week to get permission from the Amphur so that we could travel, Travis, Marybeth, Hannah, and I headed down to Sangkhlaburi to work on getting their birth certificates. We were unable to get permission for the other girls to travel, so Roy stayed home with them. We came…read more.

Getting Settled

The other day we were sitting on my bed in my brand new room, and it occurred to us that we have been racing top speed for 3 months now. That is a long time to be unsettled and working so hard…and those three months just happen to be hot season. We are all worn…read more.

The Witch Doctor

“Mommy, there is a strange man outside”, one of the girls whispered to me. By strange, I thought that she meant someone we had not met before, but I was quite mistaken. When I finally went and peered over the edge of the classroom, I was met by a very unusual sight. A man sat…read more.

A New Start

This week finds us getting settled on our new land. It has been an incredible month of miracle after miracle to get us to this spot. It is easy to see, in hindsight, how God was working to put us in the place where He wants us to be. Several months ago, Jason and one…read more.