Investment Page

 I have been asked by several people what our needs are, and what projects we need to have done for our project. I have not wanted to ever appear that I am asking for money, so I have been as quiet as possible about that subject. But, since there are sincere people who would like to help, I am adding this page for them. If you have not been impressed by God to help us, please don’t even bother to read any further!

Monthly Expenses

Our monthly expenses come to around $2,500, including Travis’ school. We have recently started to feed hungry families around us, which naturally raises our expenses. We are also supporting four bible workers with plans to add more shortly.

Solar system

We do not have a good source of electricity here in this village. The head woman has been kind enough to let us use enough electricity so that we can use lights at night. But, it is very limited.  A solar system of our very own would cost around $12,000.

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