Investment Page

 I have been asked by several people what our needs are, and what projects we need to have done for our project. I have not wanted to ever appear that I am asking for money, so I have been as quiet as possible about that subject. But, since there are sincere people who would like to help, I am adding this page for them. If you have not been impressed by God to help us, please don’t even bother to read any further!

Monthly Expenses

Our monthly expenses come to around $2,500, including Travis’ school. We have recently started to feed hungry families around us, which naturally raises our expenses. The more we get, the more we have to give.

Truck Project

We are in need of a newer truck. If Jason and Shoshana go to start a new school like they are planning, we will be left with only one motorbike for our project. It is a bit hard to transport the whole family that way. Also, a four wheel drive truck is necessary for us to be able to get to some of the villages that we work at. A minimum amount for a truck would start at around $6,000. Of course, the more you pay, the nicer the truck!