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New Year… (by Andrew)

Probably some of you did not know or you may have forgotten… But we have just started the New Year! No I am not crazy I am dead serious! And since I can hear you saying “you’re out of your mind, New Year was 3 1/2 months ago”, I will attempt to describe New Year…read more.

The Engagement Party

Andrew came to the door and softly called us from our sleep. Oh, 4 a.m. Already? It was such a short night…   We hurriedly took our baths, and grabbed our good clothes, hopped on the motor bike and sped away into the night. It was not far to Khen’s house, where lights and activity…read more.

A missionary past time… (by Andrew)

I frantically twisted and turned on the door handle, but to no avail. The door was not going to come open and I was stuck inside with no escape; what was I going to do? How would I get out? And for those of you who may be wondering, how did I get into this…read more.

Another Year (by Andrew “អេនឌ្រូ”)

Another year has come, and gone from me, a time to share, a time to give. Another full year has passed to eternity did I live the best that I could live? Have I shared Jesus with all I’ve met? Or have I kept Him for myself? Did I seek Him who’ll not have me…read more.

Brush up on those language skills ( by Andrew “អេនឌ្រូ”)

I just had this thought cross my mind that I have never shown you all what any of our languages are like here! So I guess it’s time I gave you a glimpse! So here we go, let’s start with Khmer (Cambodian)… The alphabet is made up of: 33 consonants, 32 sub-scripts, 24 dependent vowels,…read more.

A Picture of Asia

For those of you who are not here in Cambodia, it may seem like a very foreign place, a place where you don’t know anyone, and where everything is different to what you know. This seems to be mostly due to the fact that you don’t see it with your own eyes, so today I…read more.

The Harvest (by Andrew)

Yesterday I decided that it was high time I learned to harvest rice! After all, I’ve been here in Asia for almost three years and haven’t yet tried it! I was so excited about it that I was up before the normal time and had breakfast early. This is what I saw when I arrived.…read more.

Thoughts (by Andrew)

Just an update on what’s happening here in Cambodia. The water has gone down and there is less rain than before, but still we have the problem that the lake is full and we still have water coming down the river from China to add to the water that we already have. The high water…read more.

Let’s show our faith! (by Andrew)

(adapted from anonymous) John stood looking out over his rice fields which should be a bright green, but which were now dusty and bare. There had been no rain for weeks but it had seemed months, the grass had all whithered up and there was not a green thing in sight, if the rain didn’t…read more.